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Police licence services are provided by the local police. The local police service is made up of 11 police departments, each of which has a central police station, one or more other police stations, police service points and citizen’s offices.

Police licence services mainly concern core police operations, such as maintenance of public order and security, crime prevention and improvement of traffic safety.

Passports, identity cards, driving licences as well as firearms licences and permits constitute the majority of licences issued by the police. On these matters, the applicant must visit the police department at least once for physical identification by the police. When issuing firearms licences and permits, the police must also assess the applicant's suitability to carry a firearm, which means that they may ask the applicant some questions.

Police licence services are net budgeted, and the services are provided at cost price under the Ministry of the Interior Decree on Service Charges.

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